Carcility – Your trusted car service provider in Dubai

Carcility with an aim to provide the best possible care has been helping customers find trusted vendors in Dubai. To bridge the gap between service providers and end customers, the aim of Carcility was to serve as a reliable platform where customers can fill in their requests to get instant information about the nearest vendors that they can choose from for varied services. Founded in the year 2017, the company is a pioneer in the segment of linking customers and service providers, benefitting both parties equally. It completely takes away your hassles of looking for a vendor in your vicinity or worrying about prices, as it can all be done now at your fingertips. Carcility has a list of vendors under their belt that specialize in servicing, oil-change, washing and repairing of cars. Their service connects car owners to the most suitable vendors based on prices, location, ratings, availability and preferences. The 3 main USPs of Carcility is that:

  1. It is easy to use – Customers/vendors can complete their requests within few clicks from anywhere at any given time
  2. Instant Quote – You will not have to wait to receive updates or email on vendor quotes, as it is readily available after a form fill up
  3. Trusted service – The service providers are extensively vetted to ensure customers although have a hassle-free experience with Carcility

Carcility currently has a website that helps customers fill a form to avail services of car wash, repair and maintenance. Carcility also has an android and IOS App which helps customers fill in their requests at the comfort of their home. The app also facilitates vendors in reaching out to potential customers. Whether it is a customer or a vendor, all they have to do is download the app and choose whether they are service providers or customers who are looking at getting their car serviced and get started. Carcility currently helps car service and car repair vendors get premium services free for 30 days. Which means they can enroll and get in touch with leading customers, and build a strong network to promote their services and build trust.

“We love cars, and our aim is to reduce the hassle in finding the right service provider for your car, anywhere in Dubai.” Quoted founder Anirudh Menon.

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