Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ – Australia’s Most Creative TV Series

People watch TV shows for entertainment. It also helps them to gain knowledge. In the last few years, reality shows have also become very popular. Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ is one of the most popular Australian TV series and in this show, they are going to featuring aspiring tattoo artists across the country. Continue reading to know all the information regarding Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™.

About the Show

The 2019 Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ is the best Australian television series. Nine Network broadcasts this show across the country. Check out below some of the main facts about the show:

  1. This is the most creative TV series in Australia
  2. They are leveraging the production team of the MKR, Top Gear, and House Rules
  3. Social Media will play a key role in the show

3 People will host the show, and they are Ami James, Bernadette Macias and Steve Butcher. In the below section we will discuss about the hosts in details.

Ami James is one of the hosts, and he has several tattoo studios across the globe. He is the owner of Love Hate Tattoos. In the year 2011, he opened Wooster Street Social Club. He has also opened Love Hate Social Club in London as well as in Asheville and Cork. In the year 2013, he co-founded Tattoodo. Through this website, they offer exclusive tattoo art, custom designs and more.

Bernadette Macias is another host of the show. She is the face of the famous clothing brand Sullen Clothing. You will also see her on YouTube Channel Sullen TV.

Steve Butcher is one of the hosts, and he is known for his hyper-realistic tattoos. He got a Fine Arts degree from Whitecliffe’s College of Art & Design. After that, he has decided to start the journey of a professional tattoo artist. Currently, he is a renowned tattoo artist, and he has clients across the globe. He is also going to host the show.

Sponsorship Packages

Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ has also brought a marketing opportunity for businesses across the country. By sponsoring the show, owners will get the chance to promote their business on the national television. Their sponsorship packages are divided into four types. However, owners can also craft their sponsorship package according to their needs.

So, this is all about the show. For more information about Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™, visitors can access their website.

Website: www.celebrityinkyounggunz.com

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