Emsllcusa Acclaimed For Facility Decontamination Services

Whether you run a hospital, a general practitioner surgery, a pharmacy or a laboratory, you have to deal with healthcare waste. If you are looking for management of waste and proper disposal EMSLLC is the right choice. Healthcare waste includes expired pharmaceuticals, bags and vials containing traces of toxic drugs, spilled liquids and contaminated body tissues or fluids. In addition, healthcare waste can include the waste produced in the course of healthcare procedures undertaken by patients at home (dialysis, insulin injections, etc.).

Professionals at EMSLLC help you go green and save with their one stop Waste Management Team.

EMSLLC offers facility decontamination services since most of the healthcare waste is regarded as hazardous and may create a variety of health risks. Disposing of pharmaceutical and other chemical waste such as lab waste can be highly problematic.

EMSLLC also provides Non Hazardous Waste Management Disposal in highly effective and effectual manner. EMSLLC has the solutions to your Bio-medical waste disposal & recycling needs, while minimizing liabilities and protecting the environmental. They offer the latest technology available to properly handle your medical.

Healthcare waste that EMSLLC can help you dispose of includes:

  • Infectious waste.
  • Pathological waste.
  • Sharps.
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Genotoxic waste.
  • Industrial waste
  • Chemical waste.
  • Radioactive waste.

It is important that all healthcare waste is safely disposed of to avoid any possible negative impact on the environment and on the public safety.

EMSLLC follows Environmental Compliance, RCRA Compliance, Hazardous Waste Management Plans, Chemical Hygiene Plans, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures (SPCC), Plan Radiation Protection Plan, Tier I Emergency & Hazardous Chemical Inventory Forms Tier.

Mississippi Industrial Waste Disposal is offered by Environmental Marketing Services, LLC (EMSLLC).


The professionals at Environmental Marketing Services, LLC (EMSLLC), welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your organization. With 90 years of combined experience, they understand clients’ objectives for developing cost effective and innovative solutions to your waste disposal and recycling needs, while minimizing liabilities and protecting the environment.

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