Gong Cha USA is Launching Bubble Waffle on 1st June 2018

New York, USA – Gong Cha today is one of the most recognized bubble tea brands around the world. Because of quality tea and service. It is originated from Taiwan. But it has now expanded all over the world. Gong Cha is founded in 2006 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The success of Gong Cha in Taiwan was proof that customers responded favorably to the premium quality tea, products & services offered by this company.

It Serves Premium Quality Bubble Tea in various variants. They will go above and beyond to provide their customers with amazing experiences while having their Bubble Tea beverages and they live for this… Gong Cha tea shops are dedicated in serving top notch Bubble Tea beverages to all their customers

According to the President of http://www.GongChaUSA.com/, Anchal Lamba, Because of its positive response from people around the world, Gong Cha is now launching a new product Bubble Waffle. Bubble Waffle will launch on June 1st 2018.” The cost will be as given below.

Original Bubble Waffle: $4.00

Bubble Waffle with Pearl: $4.50

Anchal Says, “Customers will have the options to choose on syrups / toppings from our existing menu

Bubble waffle will be the latest irresistible food trends in the world. It is Warm, sweet & fluffy. This is a street food originated from Hong Kong. Bubble waffles will quickly become a hit for the locals.”

Anchal Further Says, “This is made up of adding milk, flour and sugar to create the mixture, they were prepared in a distinctly-shaped cast iron machine in high heat to create hollow centers. The hollow bubbles will contain fillings, with decadent flavors like chocolate and matcha. The batter has also been infused with different ingredients to make the waffles highly interesting. It is also served with ice-cream toppings.”

Gong Cha became a hit with many customers in USA as a” tea” with many fruit tastes.

At Gong Cha, teas can be blended with a variety of fruits, toppings and creative mixes. Gong Cha prides itself on offering fresh tea and toppings to our customer’s choice.

New stores of Gong Cha coming up the end of May in Boston-Allston. It expands into Texas.

The Services offered by Gong Cha is Fresh Tea brewed every 4 hours, pearl (bubbles) cooked to perfection every 4 hours, Strict quality control for all ingredients

Since its establishment in 2006, Gong Cha has expanded to over 15 countries and 1500+ locations worldwide and growing. This includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Macau, Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA.

In 2009, Gong Cha opened its first overseas store in Hong Kong. In 2012, Gong Cha was brought to Korea. In just two years, over 200 outlets opened up in the city of Seoul.

Gong Cha’s continuous development around the world hasn’t affected its initial mission to provide every customer quality tea products. Our core values of quality, innovation and service have made Gong Cha the successful bubble tea brand it is today.

Gong Cha will be the best Bubble Tea serving store in 2018, because, Gong Cha truly cares about its product and more importantly about their customers. No doubt, Gong Cha has played a key role in Bubble Tea popularity in the USA. They have more than a few shops in New York City, which are all doing great.

In addition, Gong Cha has now opened their first Bubble tea shop in Boston, Massachusetts! Approximately six months ago, Gong Cha opened their first shop in Chinatown in Boston. Gong Cha in Katy, TX opened in the beginning of May.

Fans of Bubble Tea have expressed their eagerness in regards to the new Bubble / Milk shop in Boston, Massachusetts and can’t wait for this Spring and the grand opening of the new Gong Cha shop in Allston, Boston.


Anchal Lamba


[email protected]


Greater New York City Area

New York, NY, USA

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