Logo stress balls are an excellent item that is used to grab the attention of people while working as a promotional gift. There is hardly any business incentive that beats this hugely popular stress reliever. The large print area that is available in a stress ball, and the scope for having full-color print, as well as over 1000 shapes of stress balls available, make these an ideal giveaway at exhibition stand. Visitors are attracted to your stand by the vibrant colors and originality of this gift item.

Often while preparing for an exhibition, we find ourselves quite frustrating to decide what should we offer people so that people seek out your stand, and which will not cost you an arm and a leg. In this respect, going for a promotional stress ball is the best bet you could take. A stress ball is eye-catching, thought-provoking, and quite effective.

It would do well to think of a theme for your stand. This makes stress balls as ideal giveaways. There are over 1000s of shapes of stress balls available on the market, right from tablets to body organs, dragons to flowers, among others. All the shapes available are available in different colors, and that make them easy to adapt to any corporate theme. Imagine there are hundreds of racing car stress toys that have the corporate colors of yours. You can imagine the kind of attention that you would receive. You could also have a farmyard theme that has five or six different animal stress balls, which are customized to the logo and details of your company. It is your choice and you could be as inventive as you would like.

Once the color scheme is selected for the tactile stress balls, it is time to personalize the balls. For the most cost-effective option, one can screen print stress balls in a single color. However, if more than one color is there in your logo, then you could have some trouble making them. It is possible to screen print stress ball in four or five individual colors. Another good thing about stress ball is that it is possible to print the ball in full color which is quite flexible indeed, and which you could dole out as a giveaway. For a complex logo design, and which does not have a well-defined separate solid color, one can go for a full-color design on the balls that cost less. The process of creating them include the application of a transfer print on the stress balls, that gives a striking effect and provides a quality item as your corporate identity.

If you create your exhibition stand in a short time, there is no need for you to panic. Stress balls could be made to your choice of design within a span of four weeks. If the requirement for print and design are not that complex, stress balls could be printed that has a single color logo in a time of just ten days.

There are enough reasons to make the Logo Stress Balls for your event success. The greatest reason being for having stress balls as a promotional item is that they are quickly lapped up. All your balls will be taken from your stand and hopefully, bring in expected stress-relief to your customers. Of course, in the process of doling out, your brand too will be promoted among your clients.

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