Make Your Shot Taste Delicious With Shot Chaser Glass

Shot glasses are a favorite choice for serving beverages, liqueurs and cocktails. They are perfect for drinking whiskey, vodka, tequila and other liqueurs in a quick-fire manner. The market is full of several types of glasses that come in different materials, colors, shapes and sizes. Some of the popular types of shot glasses are standard, small, molded and tall. They are perfect for all occasions, such as parties, birthdays, and weddings. If you want to make your drink tasty and delicious, then Quaffer is the best choice. Quaffer or double bubble shot glasses are unique, attractive and eye-catching.

Quaffer allows you to hold your chaser in the bottom and your favorite beverage on the top. It is made of plastic that ensures its quality and durability. It has the capability to hold 1 ½ oz on top and 2 ½ in the bottom. Enjoy your favorite drinks with your loved ones and friends and make any occasion unforgettable. When it comes to purchasing these unique and innovative double bubble shot glasses, look no further than Quaffer LLC. We are the one stop source to purchase double bubble shot glass. It allows you to hold two different beverages together and separate your alcohol and chaser as well.

Why taking a break after drinking your favorite beverage, when you can drink your chaser immediately. Quaffer makes your shot taste delicious and delightful. The best thing is your drink will remain separate until you consumed. It is easy to hold in hand and provides for the smoothest shot possible and endless combinations of shot recipes. We offer high quality products to make your drinking experience unforgettable. We offer an array range of products such as glass quaffers, plastic quaffers, etched glass quaffers, printed quaffer cases and split shooters to make drinking full of fun and excitement.

Shot glass with chaser is perfect for all types of parties and occasions. Whether you are planning a get together with family or a reunion with friends, simply buy these glasses to serve drinks and impress your guests. Not only this, you can purchase it to gift your alcohol lovers. They are the perfect gift for tequila lovers or rum lover or any type of cocktail lover. Apart from this, they are ideal for bars and restaurants. Suppose, you are running a bar or a restaurant and serving drinks to your customers as usual, but suddenly you replace your entire collect of glasses with Quaffer.

Double bubble glasses are also ideal for liquor companies, clubs, organizations, weddings and fraternities, and so on. Simply place your order online and enjoy shipping at your doorstep. What’s more, you can make payment using your card, including AMEX, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and Discover. Check out the collection online and make your purchase as per your taste and choice.

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