No cable? No problem! Here’s how to stream the World Cup with a VPN

It may not be that popular in the States, but for virtually every other country, the World Cup is the quintessential sporting event. And with more than 190 global broadcasts, it’s also one of the most watched.


After four long years, the 2018 World Cup will kick off on June 14th. If you don’t have cable and are looking for a few easy ways to watch, here’s how you can use a VPN (virtual private network) to secure your connection and stream the FIFA World Cup online in HD.

VPNs let you access live sports streams


While a VPN has a lot of features, one of the main reasons people use them is to unblock content. At its core, your IP (internet protocol) address works as a gateway. When you search for a specific site, your address is automatically checked in order to route you to the correct domain. This is why people in the UK often have .uk domains, and why people in France often browse sites that end in .fr.


When you connect to a secure VPN location, you’re able to hide your physical address as you take on another “virtual” address in the location of your choice. That means someone browsing from New York can connect to a VPN location in London and have instant access to every British site and service.


For years, people have been using VPNs in heavy censorship countries to unblock sites like Facebook and Google. What you may not know, however, is that you can also use a VPN to unblock live sports streams.

3 ways to stream the World Cup


While FOX Sports is the official sponsor of World Cup streams in the States, you need to enter your cable provider’s details in order to stream. Sure, you can use a friend’s (or family member’s) account, but that sort of defeats the purpose.


If you want to stream for free, you can use a VPN to connect to a secure server location anywhere around the world. That said, you’ll likely want to look for broadcasts in English, so let’s narrow it down to three surefire choices.

1. Stream via TVPlayer in the UK


With comprehensive coverage spanning all 64 matches, the UK’s BBC and ITV streams are arguably the best and most well-rounded. Best of all, you don’t have to sign up to watch; simply use your VPN to connect to a location in the UK and head to for instant access.

2. Stream via The World Games in Australia


The second option is to connect to a VPN location in the land down under and stream via

Australia’s own The World Game website. Coverage may not be as robust as the UK’s, but access is 100% free.

3. Stream via TSN in Canada


And finally, you can also stream the World Cup for free by connecting to a VPN server location in Canada and heading to TSN. Note that you may need to enter a valid cable subscription in order to stream, so you might want to save this option for last.



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