Pet Protector Disc – No Toxins, No Poisons, No Odors

I provide pet owners with information about a great pet product. The information is to inform pet owners of a nontoxic flea, tick, mosquito, etc.. product that REPELS bugs from your pets body. The ‘Pet Protector Disc’ is a must have for pet owners and their pets.It’s been tested and proven to work. It is
economically wise to purchase. It is long lasting and 95% effective.

This product is free from harsh chemicals, odors and powders that most flea and tick products contain . Believe it or not the PetProtector is activated by high tech technology and your pets body movement. This is a repelling product. Meaning bugs do not get a chance to crawl onto your pets body at all. The liquid and tablet/pill type products have poisonous toxins and insecticides in them. When these products are placed on your pet body or swallowed by your pet the chemicals absorb into your pets bloodstream.

When bugs Bite into your pets skin they die from those chemicals that are flowing through your pets bloodstream. So after biting your pet the bugs die. To continue keeping your pet bug free you have to give more of the product. Some tablets/pills have a longer lasting effect. Flea and tick collars and powders can be smelly and messy. Pet Protector is clean and safe.

With the exception of the Pet Protector all of the above type of products can cause irritation of some sort to any elderly person, adult, child, baby, your pet or other pets. There’s no odor or sticky crusty feel to your pets fur and no visible collar saying look I’m wearing chemicals! There is no sense of urgency or hurry to get to a sink to wash your hands after petting an animal that is being protected by the Pet Protector Disc.

Now most pet owners know what fleas do. They bite and make your pet itchy! Right? Well they can also cause your pet to become ill. Ticks can cause deadly illness. Look these things up and you will see that by repelling bugs from your pets body the bugs do not get a chance to bite your pet or embed themselves into your pets fur or under your pets skin. The Pet Protector Disc is placed like a dog tag or cat tag on their collar or neck bracelet and can be worn with other tags. It is clean and safe. No insecticides, poisons, toxins or odors.

Depending on the size of your pet this product takes 7 to 20 days to take full affect.Place on pet right after a all natural flea and tick bath.This way any bugs or larvae will be killed off while the disc builds up its repelling strength. Guaranteed long lasting and very economical.

Do not buy from any other website but our company site which I am associated with. There are some copy cats out there so go to my site and read how this product will not only be beneficial to you but most definitely for your pet. NO MORE BUG BITES.

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