CRM or customer relationship management has changed the way businesses are conducted on a day to day basis. Service Calibrate is a leading provider of customer relationship software that enables use of real-time data & analytics to measure the quality of service provided by its users in real time. With the CRM software from Service Calibrate multi account retailers can easily determine the daily performance of their entire sales team & vendors conveniently from any computer or hand held devices.

The spokesperson at the website elaborating CRM tools says, “The world is moving at light speed, whole industries have been overrun. Your business needs a way to ensure it is differentiating itself at the street level, and getting what it has been committed to for your hard earned purchases. We are the only company that can give you that, we are Service Calibrate” & we only do one thing “Measure Service”.

Service Calibrate aims to revolutionize how business contracts are currently awarded, with their CRM Solutions for Small Businesses. The technology from Service Calibrate aims at improving communication between vendors and retailers to drive efficiencies and improve buying decisions. The experts who have reviewed this product are amazed at this simple yet important tool developed with lot of insight.

The founder of the company, Dharmesh Vadchhedia says, “Good customer service can improve your business and really help you stand out from the crowd. A poor business decision can delay customer operations, forcing them to spend even more time and money to find a better solution.”

Predictive Analytics presently is gaining the competitive advantage and the demand for predictive analytics tools from Service Calibrate has risen tremendously. In the industry where customer retention is crucial the predictive analytics tool is considered as the best strategy “proactive vs. reactive”.

Service Calibrate designs Predictive Analytics Software which is valuable to determine customer flight risks and provides predictive analytics to leverage customer retention strategies to significantly increase the return on investment (ROI).

Companies that use these tools of Predictive Analytics from Service Calibrate have an advantage on predicting the future trends such as:

  • Prioritizing and targeting customer gaining campaigns
  • Identifying cross-selling strategies
  • Identifying customer flight risks
  • Improving custom relationship performance

About Service Calibrate:

Service Calibrate is a B2B solution providing turnkey solutions with 100% guaranteed results. They measure service time. Service Calibrate is a one stop shop for a Retailer, Vendor, Distributor, Manufacturer & employee of a company or a contractor.



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