Rockman – Aerospace Composites Company in India

Composites fibers are now common in every car, it add strength to the car. Now carbon fibers are preferred over the steel or aluminum because the carbon fibers are light weighted as compared to the other materials. In simple words carbon fibers or carbon composites can be termed as it is a polymer and is sometimes known as graphite fiber. Carbon fiber is made of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon that is used to strengthen material. Carbon composite can be thinner than a strand of human hair and gets its strength when twisted together like yarn.

Here in India the demand for the carbon composites has certainly increased either from the owner’s side or from the customers. The Rockman Industries is a leading company in India that provides the carbon composites to the leading automobile companies. This is possible because of Rockman industries partnering up with the Moldex Composites Company in India. Moldex Composites is a leading carbon composite manufacturing company who produce world class carbon fiber materials for cars and other industries. Moldex Composites’ aim is to provide world class, cost effective advanced carbon composites parts & assemblies. It is ISO 9001 and AS 9100 D certified. The purpose built facility is based in Sachin, near Surat, Gujarat state, India. We use the latest software and technology like CAD/CAM Engineering and Design: CAD (Computer Aided Design) using Catia V5, Delcam Powermill, Delcam PowerInspect, Gemini nesting, Poly works.

Our materials are used in various industries like motorsports, automotive, defence, wind energy, medical industry, sporting goods and aerospace. The
aerospace composites include products manufactured for aeronautical products and accessories.

Our experienced professionals and strong team of over 5000 plus employees continue to make us the leading carbon composite supplier in India. With focus on excellence through employee development, continuously evolving people practices and a culture that thrives on respect, life at Rockman Industries is a journey of Passion. The work environment at Rockman is built around growth beyond boundaries, wherein employees are encouraged to challenge the conventional and learn from failures. Some of the big automobile companies are our clients like Ford, Magna, BorgWarner, Honda, Royal Enfield, HERO, TATA, TVS, DENSO, WABCO and many more national and international clients. Our commitment towards quality and work has made us the best among our peers in the industry. These reasons make us the one of the most preferred carbon composites companies in India.

Besides carbon composites we offer aluminum die casting and auto chain division for various industries. All these services are available throughout the country and also to the international customers. Our service has been appreciated all over and we have been awarded for our service like “Outstanding Supplier in Value Performance”, Award for TPM excellence and many more.

If you need any solution regarding carbon composites only one name should come to your mind and that is Rockman Industries.

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