Schizophrenia: Disease Insights & Market Forecasts to 2024 by Pharmascroll

“Schizophrenia: Disease Insights and Market Forecasts to 2024” report delivers an in-depth understanding of the disease, historical & forecasted epidemiology of Schizophrenia disease in the US, EU5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK), and Japan and the historical & forecasted market size, for Schizophrenia, drug wise in $ sales and patient numbers at global level and in the US, EU5 (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK), Australia and Canada till 2024.


Geographies covered:











Drugs covered




Invega Sustenna

Risperdal Consta






Seroquel XR

ALKS 3831


Lumateperone(ITI 007)






Disease Indication Overview:

This section of the report gives the overview of Schizophrenia disease indication in detail. The section highlights the basic definition, causes and symptoms of disease and details the types of Schizophrenia disease. Further details on the profile of Schizophrenia patients, Symptoms experienced by the patients, and disease progression in patients are outlined in the report. The report further highlights the multiple methods through which the patient can be diagnosed for Schizophrenia disease.


Epidemiology Forecasts to 2024:

This section of the report provides the overview of Schizophrenia diagnosed prevalent and treated patients in the US, EU5 and Japan market year wise starting from 2015 till 2024. The epidemiology numbers in the report have been derived based on numerous studies, survey reports and views of key opinion leaders.


Drugs Overview and Attribute Analysis:

This part of the report highlights the importance of factors influencing the physician prescription decisions in Schizophrenia disease including efficacy factors, Tolerability factors, Monitoring requirements and pricing factors.


The report further details the drugs prescribed or expected to be prescribed in Schizophrenia disease by the physicians in terms of details about the formulation, molecule, mode of administration and mechanism of action of the drugs, their patent and trial details and the expected impact of drug in the Schizophrenia market.


The report further conducts a detailed drug attribute analysis of the drugs currently prescribed or expected to be prescribed in the disease on the parameters of Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability, Convenience of Monitoring and Dosing and Drug’s coverage of the target patient pool.


Drugs and Market Forecast to 2024:

The report in its last section provides sales and patient numbers forecast for the overall Schizophrenia market and drug wise forecasts from 2015 till 2024 at Global level and in the US, EU5, Australia and Canada markets. The forecasts are developed based on the detailed drug attribute analysis, conducted by Pharmascroll, as shared in the previous section. It is important to note that the Forecasts conducted by Pharmascroll are not based on simple projections, and are developed meticulously based on a complex forecasting model, owned by Pharmascroll, using multiple assumptions related to launch dates of the products in the market, price of the products, adherence and compliance rates of the products, dosages of the products etc. The forecast models are at the country level and can be developed at the regional level as well.


Why Purchase the Report:

  • Robust Market and Drug forecast available at country level
  • Forecast in terms of both $ sales and Patient Numbers
  • Current and Forecasted Drug treated and Diagnosed Prevalent Patient pool
  • Detailed Drug Attribute analysis on multiple Clinical Parameters
  • Multiple Countries coverage
  • Current Marketed and Pipeline Drugs coverage
  • Detailed Disease Insights coverage


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