Sticky mats- how and where these are important?

Merino International has made a strong reputation in the respective domain by offering the finest quality sticky mats and crash cart. Right from professionalism to transparent business policy, all these practices have aided the company to gather a wide customer base in the market. In a press conference, the head of the company addressed the audiences and media persons that-“we worked as a team to provide qualitative products to the clients which are made as per set quality standards. Our company has offered a wide range of mats that have gained appreciation in the market for their excellent attributes. Also, we give complete focus to provide a high level of customer’s satisfaction.”

How these mats are important in daily use?

The spokesperson of the company also stated that these mats find their wide application in everyday life. The reasons that make people use these mats are listed below:

  • Helps in keeping the floor clean: These mats are highly important for everyday use in residential and commercial places. Sticky mats are specially designed with a medium-tack adhesive that helps in removing bacteria-carrying particles and dust from footwear. This’ll help in keeping the floor clean and disease free environment.
  • Helps in reducing contamination: Shoes are considered the main dust and microorganism carrying agent. These shoes when entering any clean room, labs or hospitals creates contamination on the floor. Thus, this kind of mats is placed at the entrance gates to reduce the contaminants in the floor.
  • Keeps the clean rooms clean: There are some important places such as clean rooms and laboratories where sterile products are processed. These places need to be free from any kind of dust, bacteria or any other contaminants. Owing to this reason, these mats are widely used in clinics, hospitals and many other places.
  • Ease in usage and maintenance: One of the important benefits of these mats is their simple usage and low maintenance. These mats are having a smooth surface that helps in easy and quick cleaning.

Along with the everyday importance of these mats, the team of the company also stated about the areas of applications of these mats.

  • Garages and workshops are two important places where you can be seen these mats in large quantity. Because of a number of employees, it is possible that there will be a lot of dust and debris in their shoes. In workshops, you may also find trolley that carries a lot of dust in their wheels. Thus, these areas need mats to remove the dust from footwear and trolley wheels in order to keep the environment clean.
  • One of the important places where these mats are used is the offices and other workplaces. To maintain cleanliness in the surrounding, these kinds of mats are kept at the gates.
  • Other important places where you’ll find these mats are research laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and ICU’s. All these places need complete cleanliness.
  • In homes, these mats are of great importance. Kids spend their most of time in the gardens and playground. They carry a lot of dust, mud and other contaminants in their shoes. Getting rid of dust and debris can be done with ease just by using these mats.

It can be concluded from the above content that for a clean and safe environment in homes, labs and other places, sticky mats are an ideal option. If you’re also in need of making your place free from dust and contaminants then go for these mats.

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