Transactional SMS : An Asset To The Businesses

The most popular method of communicating a message is short message service, also commonly known as SMS. It is a convenient way of forwarding a message to a person. In recent times, SMS are widely used to deliver information to the customers by the businesses. The information like account details, OTP, reminders, payment alerts, etc. is expediently sent by the businesses to their customers. This type of SMS is known as transactional SMS. The transactional SMS service providers are appointed by various industries like:

  • E-commerce

To give updates to the clients about their placed orders, new product launches, product discounts, promotions, etc.

  • Financial Organisations

To notify the people about their account balance, payment reminders, details of online transactions, etc.

  • Educational Institutions

To send timely notifications to the students and the parents regarding attendance, examination, seminars and syllabus.

  • Healthcare Sector

To remind the patients regarding their appointments, follow-ups, preventive checkups, vaccination alerts and pending medical claims.

  • Logistics

To stay connected with the supply chain management securely and get information about the courier delivery date, delivery person, cancellation, etc.

A transactional SMS is widely used by these as well as other industries to enhance the customer experience. Many businesses avail the services of a transactional SMS to get the benefits like:

  •  Instant transfer of brief messages

The greatest benefit of utilising the transactional SMS service is that the quality data is conveyed quickly to the people. It becomes vital when the businesses want to send critical data swiftly to the customers.

  • Work 24*7

The most significant advantage of using the transactional SMS service is that there is no time limit for sending the messages. The customers can get the information whenever they want. The businesses can keep the customers updated in real time.

  • Template-based SMS

To save time, the businesses choose a template-based SMS by appointing a  transactional SMS service provider. The templates enable us to deliver instruction-based messages to a huge number of customers.

  • Easy reach

Nearly 75% of people like receiving the information through SMS due to its easy availability. Such messages do not require an internet connection in the phones. Hence, the flexibility enables the businesses to reach their customers without any hindrance of their unavailability.

  • High open rate

According to an SMS service provider, the SMS has an open rate of 98%. The high reachability opens the door for the businesses to meet the potential clients and customers easily.

  • Two-way SMS capability

A research by a mobile marketing company states that nearly 70% of the people feel that the notification having a two-way messaging capability is really helpful to them. They can easily reply to the messages and start the conversation.

  • Environment-friendly

SMS is the smartest way of participating in eco-friendly initiatives. All the methodologies used in the SMS sending don’t utilise paper and hence, save the environment.

To sum up, it can be stated that the transactional SMS service is a boon for the business elevation.

Vasudev SMS is a well-known transactional SMS service provider. They are specialised in bulk SMS services. They also offer APIs for business websites along with CRM application.

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