Vaginal Tightening Surgery: Benefits and Dangers

Vaginal tightening surgery is a procedure not commonly heard of but commonly used. It is typically used for women after they have given birth to get that pre-birth shape again to help strengthen their sex life with their partner again. Seeing as the surgery is typically very effective making the vagina tight until the women gives birth again. It makes many patients turn to this type of method.

This type of cosmetic surgery is not recommended to women who are pregnant or trying to conceive a child. It is also recommended that the patient tries other vaginal tightening methods before trying this type of Vaginal Tightening Surgery.

Vaginoplasty is the most popular type of vaginal surgery seeing as it also has effects on women facing medical conditions as well. The way this surgery works is it removes abscesses, malignant growths, and ut tightens the vagina muscles. It also corrects congenital defects and helps restore a women functions. Another reason this surgery is one of the most popular options is that surgeons say that it enhancing sexual satisfaction by improving sensitivity making sex more pleasurable for the female. This vaginal surgery is also covered by most insurances.

Another vaginal tightening surgery is Perinoplasty. This surgery is used to correct clinical conditions that are caused by trauma, defects, damage, and deformitiy. Perinoplasty works by tightening the vaginas entrance and removing excess or damaged tissue. However, this can also be done on its own or by Vaginoplasty.

As any cosmetic surgery their are dangers that come along with tbe surgery. A patient could come out of surgery with damaged nerves or even get blood clots because of the procedure which can be very danger for the woman receiving it. On top of the dangers as well there is also the prices for the surgery. Typically for a vaginal surgery the prices range from $5000 to $7000 which not everyone can afford so they tend to turn to other methods to attempt to tighten their vagina again.

Despite the dangers of surgery more and more women every year are turning to surgery after birth to tighten their vaginas to what they one were prior to the surgery. They are also turning towards this method to try to cure their medical conditions that are caused by certain defects or traumas that their body has or has received. They are turning towards this method for the overwhelming benefits their bodies will receive from this surgery.

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