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Since the early nineteenth century, the genre of mystery novels has evolved. Detective stories are included in mystery fiction where the emphasis is on the puzzle or a suspense, which give a logical solution or a supernatural mystery, without crime and logical solution. Today, the most loved genre is the mystery genre. The readership of these books is second only to that of romance stories. As compared to other genres, mystery novels get the readers’ imagination running; the thrill of solving a puzzle while getting lost in an imaginative world is an amazing experience. What appeals the most is mystery novels create the feeling aloof from real life problems. And the rule that top mystery authors go by is “The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.”

The reason behind people liking mysteries is because it involves solving puzzles, and readers love the suspense. A mystery draws you in and keeps you hanging until the end. It’s hard to shut the book halfway because you are curious to know how the story ends. The mystery story appeals mostly to intelligent people due to their sense of curiosity. Another appealing aspect of mystery novels is the wonderful action in it. By reading a mystery novel, we follow the detective as he or she probes a crime, questions suspects, and gathers evidence. We also try to piece the puzzle together by employing the method of the detective. And it’s this thrill of getting the mystery solved before the detective that attracts most people to mysteries.

The hero succeeds because they are smarter than the villain. The intellect of the hero is always admired by the people. Sherlock Holmes became one of the best detective mystery series because of the plot and mystery it creates for the readers. This genre offers a wide range of choices: there’s a spectrum from very light to gruesomely dark; in terms of focus, there’s also a lot to choose from, right from the sociological to the psychological to the mythological. One of the fundamental rules of storytelling: cause and effect are exhibited in a crime fiction.

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