Ways to Improve Driving Confidence | Good Driving Techniques

The big question around self-driving cars, for many people, is: When will the technology be ready? In other words, when will autonomous vehicles be safe enough to operate on their own? But there has been far less attention paid to two equally important questions: When will the driving environment be ready to accommodate self-driving cars? And where will this technology work best?

Irrespective of whether you have got into the car for the first time or have spent years into driving, the fear can still grip you hard, and especially when you retreat to driving after an accident. However, there are certain driving techniques that can be followed to improve your driving confidence largely.

  1. First of all, get familiar with your car inside out to get comfortable with it. Get into detailed specifications of the car parts and their respective functions. This way you get a better understanding of your car and its safety features and ways to troubleshoot problems.(1)
  1. Stock your car with safety equipment such as a hands-free kit, a reversing camera, and parking sensors. These technologies play an important role in minimizing the risk of accidents and taking the required safety precautions will boost your driving confidence as well.
  1. To ensure an anxiety-free drive, you ought to first get in your zone first. This means making your environment as comfortable as possible. Ensure that the driving seat and mirrors are adjusted according to your convenience and play a relaxing music to soothe you while driving.(2)
  1. Practice a lot as nothing can make things perfect more than practice. Push your comfort zone a little and master the feared skills. Practice driving in different scenarios, different times and different weathers, so that you get accustomed to driving in all the conditions. Start your practice with quiet areas before jumping your car directly into traffic.
  1. Lastly, take a defensive driving class that will assist you to identify, corrects or avoid difficult situations from becoming an emergency. This way you will master the skills of handling problematic scenarios.(3)

You will make mistakes but don’t let your mistakes make you lose confidence. Learn from them and drive ahead.

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