Yoga Teacher Training Guide & Locations in Goa

Once you’re aiming to be a Yoga teacher, you need to find the best Yoga TTC schools, and there is no better place than where it’s born, India. However, you’ll get a long list as soon as you research it. Your first task would be deciding Rishikesh, Goa, or the Himalayas. Among the popular choices, Goa is the best place to take your Yoga course and certification.

Goa is one of the most visited tourist destinations due to wonderful nature and cultural attraction. It’s also home to more than 90 Yoga Teacher Training Schools as well as hundreds of reliable instructor spread across the region. The Yoga Training Schools usually offer 100-500 hours of training with the various type of Yoga TTC.

Type of Yoga TTC :-  There are various types of Yoga TTC offered by Yoga Schools in Goa including Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Kripalu, Kundalini, Restorative, Prenatal Yoga, Anusara, and Restorative Yoga. You might find that Hatha and Ashtanga yoga is the most popular as many schools put these two names in their brochures with bigger fonts. However, they actually also offer classes for other types of Yoga TTC. You wouldn’t have to move to Rishikesh to get Kundalini course, Goa actually has tens of ashrams offering Kundalini curriculum.

Best Yoga TTC Location in Goa :-  Goa has various yoga locations which offer all those types of yoga and deal with any level. There are three prominent locations in the busy North Goa including Arambol, Anjuna, and Assagao. The beachfront location and pleasant weather offer an eligible atmosphere for your Yoga Journey. However, if you’re looking for the quiet atmosphere, then you can pick one of the Yoga TTC schools in Palolem, South Goa. How to decide? Most yoga retreats in North Goa are near the attractions, city crowd, markets, and accommodations. In other hands, South Goa offers the silence and allows you to get away from crowds.

Find perfect yoga teacher training Schools in Goa

The basic guide of finding perfect Yoga teacher training school in Goa is by looking the ones which are Yoga Alliance-certified. This certification would represent the qualified instructor and curriculum of yoga teacher training course. Fortunately, Yoga Alliance has a strong stance in Goa as the institution presents comprehensive 200-hour TTC class, At this point, wherever you’ll take your class in Goa, it should refer to the Yoga Alliance.

About Diya Yoga Multistyle Teaching

Diya Yoga is one of the leading Yoga TTC schools in Goa which offer the different training experience, the multi-style Yoga course. You’ll find many certified Western teachers collaboratively teaching the yoga course with the traditional Indian teachers. Diya Yoga offers a comprehensive and practical course of Multi-style Yoga and Nidra Yoga training which are focusing on balanced living, Asana, meditation, and breath. Diya Yog is completely approved by Yoga Alliance.

My Review :-  The best Yoga Training Schools in Goa are always certified by Yoga Alliance, you need to strictly follow this guide if you want to get certification and career changes. A fresh multi-style yoga TTC course with Eastern-Western approaches is available in Diya Yoga.


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